It's Easy to Support Us

We are a non-profit organisation.  All the money we receive from the hire of the hall is reinvested into maintaining the hall.       

Please consider holding your next event - be it a birthday celebration, a wedding reception, a corporate event or a charity occasion - at The Cordes Hall.


We have ambitious plans to improve the facilities to make Cordes Hall an even more attractive venue.  We will need to find the money to do this and will be undertaking a fundraising drive soon.  If you - or anyone you know - would like to make a donation for this essential work, please contact the Treasurer, Vanessa Cummings on 07778 742203 or email  


Thank you.



A new way to support us - AUDIO BOOK SWAP

Thanks to kind supporters, we have a lot of Audio books, many of which have purchased from charity shops.


Audio books are great for visually impaired people as well as people - including children and teenagers - who have a long car journey.


The idea is to rent them out at £1.00 a go. People pay a one-time membership fee of a £1.00 which covers effectively a deposit and then a £1.00 rental.


The "Inspirations" shop in Sunninghill High Street is going to hold the audio books and 'rent' them out.


All proceeds from the Swap go to the Cordes Hall refurbishment fund.


Please do donate your Audio books - and borrow ours!