Latest News

We are delighted to announce that the Cordes Hall charity (no. 238678) has taken the project 'Save the Novello Picture House' under its wing.  As many of you who attended the meeting at the Hall on 24th January know, community support is very strong to save the Novello Picture House next door from being sold by RBWM and instead given to the community to be run alongside the Cordes Hall, as a commuinity arts and theatre hub.  Alan Everett, who is leading the campaign to save the Novello can be contacted on if you'd like to receive updates about the campaign.  


LATEST NEWS - The Novello has been granted Asset of Community Value status and RBWM are asking £300.000 and giving the community six months to raise the money to buy it.  If you can offer any help please do contact Alan (above) or visit the website for more information


More information about the events below and what's happening in the Cordes Hall in the next weeks and months can be found in Upcoming Events.  

CINEMA - Saturday 8 June



ARTISAN CRAFT FAIR - Saturday 5th October.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF CORDES HALL - has been postponed and new date will be confirmed asap.