About Cordes Hall Sunninghill

The History of Cordes Hall
Built in 1902, the Hall was left in trust to the Vicar of the Parish of Sunninghill, for the use of the local community.  As a registered charity, a Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for the Hall.  The Trustees have devolved the management of the Hall, on a day to day basis, to a Management Committee made up of local people on a voluntary basis.


Who is involved in the Cordes Hall 

The Trustees


Vanessa Cummings (Chair)

David Mear

Amelia Robinson


The Management Committee


Jane Richardson (Chair)

Vanessa Cummings (Treasurer)

Julie Bowles (Secretary)

Janet Campbell - representing local business

Tony Maffre - representing Spotlights

Elaine Finch

Mark Holliday - representing The Quince Players

Colin Keating

Barbara Story - representing Sunninghill Parish Council